Welcome to Karlıdağ

Everything about the delicious, natural milk and dairy products we produce in Karlıdağ is here!

Our company, which started to operate with butter production in Malatya in 1975, has continued to produce under the brand name “Karlıdağ” since 1985. Headquartered in Istanbul today, our company continues its production in integrated facilities built on a total area of 20,000 m2 in Malatya, 4500 m2 of which is indoor.

In 2000, Kaçmazlar Gıda also started the production of milk and milk products, which it had merchandised for a long time. In addition to white cheese, kashar cheese, yogurt, buttermilk production, picnic size jam and honey production started in the same year. Having gradually expanded its product range over time, our company offers rich cheese and butter varieties to consumption.

Prioritizing total quality management, our company was entitled to receive TSE and ISO 9000 certificates in 2004.

As Kaçmazlar Gıda Sanayi, our main mission is to meet the needs, tastes and expectations of our customers in a complete and timely manner. Our primary goal is to meet the expectations of our consumers in terms of taste, hygiene and product availability.

As a manifestation of our mission, after the products produced in our facilities pass through the production phase in high quality standards, the quality control system provides the same high standards of service to our customers in order for the products to reach the consumer in a healthy and reliable manner with the guidance of experienced food engineers.

In our opinion, the most effective marketing communication is that our consumers want our products from our customers with continuous appreciation. As Kaçmazlar Gıda Sanayi, this is the main value underlying our success.

Maximum product variety, high quality standard in products and further reinforcing this. Besides, our consumers are constantly making a habit of our brand.

Being one of the export stars of our country and contributing to employment, increasing our presence at home day by day.

With the satisfaction of our customers and consumers, Kaçmazlar Gıda Sanayi continues on its way by adding strength to its power.

Being a pioneer in the sector with a competitive and innovative commercial perspective.
Being in every spot in Turkey.
Continuously increasing the high standard of our products.
Developing the R&D infrastructure required to keep up with the developments in the world and becoming a universal and national brand every day and prioritizing our brand over all commercial expectations. Accelerating the activity required for honest, moral trade to be the basic principle of the sector.
Looking to the future with confidence by constantly modernizing our technology and infrastructure.